Monday, January 23, 2012

What's in a Kiss?

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, I thought it fitting to get a little cupid. So, we will start with the simplest, or so it seems, forms of affection. THE KISS.

Have you ever stopped and analyzed a kiss. We all know the, eyes open or eyes closed thing....but have you ever thought about all those other ones and what they mean? Like a kiss on the cheek, the forehead, the neck...what do they mean?

I have done some research on different sites and compiled a list of many different types of kisses and put them together for you to analyze your kiss and/or that of your significant other.

The Open-Mouthed Kiss:
Slightly parted lips, shows interest in you...take your time and enjoy the ride. The passion is hidden in that kiss!

The Closed-Mouthed Kiss:
He may simply being a gentleman but he is definitely interested. What you need to ask yourself is if this is stilll happening long time after you are together...he might be uptight or your breathe needs a mint often lol.

The Kiss On The Cheek:
Not so easy to read. Can be expression of sweet affection or the killer..."Let's just be friends" kiss of death!

The French Kiss:
Using tongue is a clear sign of revving up the engines! Definite interest and longing.

The Smothering French Kiss:
This is when they are literally eating your face feels passionate and full of lust but it may just be that...the fast track to the bedroom. (Ladies, though we all love the heat of passion, this is when they usually skip the foreplay and head straight for gratification....take out the whip and slow him down! lol)

The Forehead Kiss:
Means you are protected and safe. They want you to know they care about you but without the words be spoken aloud.
It's the kiss that means he loves you. The kiss that lets you know he's got your back. The kiss that separates the "I love you" from the "I'm in love with you."  - Excerpt from Datingish
This is the kiss of all kisses for me. It speak volumes!

There are soooo many more kisses and expression, but these are the most common. What was the last kiss you got or gave?

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