Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Is Here and Here Are My Letters

A year ago, I embarked on a blogging adventure and here I am one year later....better than last.
2010 was not ideal for me but it brought me to where I am today. It helped me to grow, though I went through some painful days, it made me realize that my best days are ahead of me. 

So, now here I am 7 days until my 32nd birthday and thinking its time. Time to embark on my future.

I realized that I made some poor decisions over the years and I have a lot to make up for. I wanted to write a letter to those people, you know who you are and why this pertains to you.

I have experienced many things over my lifetime and have come to be who I am today because of all those experiences. Some involved you, some were because of you, some were in spite of you, some were because of your absence, and some were just plain ole stupid. Many times you have reminded me that I am where I am because of myself! I have accepted what I did and regret many things but most of all, I regret never being honest with myself and never realizing that what I wanted and needed were always there. A friend once told me that actions speak louder than words...and I believed that and then I remembered the power of love. Love can be in an action, it can be shown through kisses, hugs, gestures....Love can be spoken, it can be LOUD and ring in your ears with three simple words that are so complex in meaning (I LOVE YOU) often do we use those words so simply without merit? When we hang up with our loved one, when we say goodbye, in the thralls of passion....but how often do we say it when it really counts? I missed my opportunity to love you and say it out loud. I'm not afraid of that anymore. I'm ready to love again and be loved in return. I can only hope that the one who is the one...knows it and can say three simple words to me that mean more than an I Love You....those words are...I Forgive You. 

To the others in my life that have been burned in my wrath,
Go! Go forward knowing that I no longer wish you malice. I want the people in my life to be happy and love. Experience life. I want to forgive and not forget....because if I ever forget, I will lose my way and know that I can be pained in such a way. I don't hate you. I just wish you would've known what you caused. But I thank you because without this drama, I wouldn't have found what I know is my happiness. 

God Bless You All...and I look forward to a promising 2011.

Ready To Love Again