Friday, January 27, 2012

Are you a "COURAGEOUS" parent?

I spent two hours last night crying! Why, you ask? One word...."COURAGEOUS"
If you have not seen this movie or have never heard of it, I am going to introduce to a life changing movement!

Though this movie is about the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. As a mom, I felt the message in my heart and soul. I felt the need to do more, be more! The movie gives statistics on lives of children whose fathers are not present in their lives or who are present, but not there.

I have to say, three minutes into the movie, I was balling! They take moments that are real and true and they give them to you...RAW! They make you feel. They take everyday moments too and how we non-chalantly take for granted everything around us, every hour, every minute, every second. What happens when those times runs out...would you have been better than a "GOOD ENOUGH" parent?

Though I believe in God and I have questioned his judgement. I have questioned his presence when my world seems to be falling apart. I have asked him too..."What do you want from me? What do you want me to do?" This movie will once again do that for you, but in a whole new light. I cried for two hours, not because the movie is sooo sad but because it makes you question your every decision as a parent.

I will say this, even if you don't believe in God or think I'm not really religious....don't let that deter you from being changed. Not to watch the movie, get up and say I just found God and I believe. But to allow the movie to change you as a parent. To allow you to question just how good a parent you really have been. Allow yourself to be...COURAGEOUS...for your children!


  1. I've met so many people who have been changed by this movie. I haven't seen it yet, but I look forward to watching it. AND having my teen sons watch it. Nothing like giving them an image of what their lives could be if they live it COURAGEOUSLY!

    1. I watched this movie while my children were asleep in bed. And I have to say, I cannot wait to watch it again with them!