Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Want Vs. Can't

Want vs Can't....
How often do we say, " I want this but I can't because...."? Why do we rationalize our wants with things that we know we have complete control over? But isn't it funny how we pick and chose what is a can or can't?! Like cheating, you chose to do that but why? How do you rationalize your decision to have an affair whether it be physical or emotional? Do we look at the life we have been living and say what if? Or can I still get someone else? What makes us chose what we chose?

So many times we limit ourselves with the word can't and its time we stop saying can't and start saying I can try. No one is asking for the whole things all at once but damnit, make an effort! I have chosen to make an effort in my life recently and chose to take risks with my happiness, with my heart. I finally reached the point where I wanted to hit the "erase" button...say it with me, "Erase, Erase, Erase!!" Ahhhh, if only that made everything go away right?! Haha! But even if I could just hit an erase button, I wouldn't want to erase everything because though I have been hurt, embarrassed, vindicated against....those are the things that changed me and made me stronger. Those are the things that brought new love into my life. Those are the things that have made me a better mother to my children. I have gained infinite wisdom from my past and look forward to applying it to my present and future.

I have wants and though they may not be necessary things, they are all mine! I deserve to have and attain my wants. I am putting it all out there and going "ALL IN"....will you?

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