Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Decade In Review

2000 - 2009 , ten years in my life and geez so much took place. In no real order, here is a list of the good, the bad, the ugly and the unfinished....

1. Graduated College in 2001 with a BS in Health Sciences and a Concentration In Athletic Training. All the while, playing Collegiate Division 1 Volleyball, working full time, having my son in 1997 and being a full time mom and juggling my relationship.

2. Getting engaged.

3. Getting married in 2003.

4. Accepting a position as Head Volleyball Coach at the Collegiate Division 1 Level.

5. Having my second son in 2005.

6. Turned 21, 25, and 30 all in one decade!

7. Learned my husband was having an affair with a former co-worker!

8. Separated from my husband (whom I had been with since I was 15).

9. Took my husband back, spoke to the other woman and still later found myself in the same situation.

10. Met someone new, whom I left when my husband came running back.

11. Moved three times.

12. Threw him out again because once again, she was back in our lives!

13. Tried to rekindle a romance with someone to be ruined again by my husband! Ugh!

14. Let him back in my house, while he still carried on his affair.

15. Took care of him when he needed major surgery and in the process became pregnant with baby boy #3.

16. Asked him to leave after nursing him to health to have him run back to her when he could.

17. Reconnected with long lost friends.

18. Found myself torn with the secret of the impending addition to my family, while he lived with the other woman.

19. My middle child being limp in my arms at 400am after having a Feveral Seizure while I was 8 months pregnant and alone!

20. Giving birth to my third son in 2009.

21. Losing a friend to murder-suicide in 2009.

22. Making major emotional changes for mine and my childrens benefit.

23. My husbands grandma passed....boy did that hurt...still hurts two years later. RIP Nanny.

24. The death of my husbands uncle, so quickly and abruptly. RIP.

God, the list could continue on and on but in the end the decade is done and I have few regrets. It has made me into the woman I am today. Though I struggle, I find myself stronger now than I was when my world started to crumble. I always thought that I would be married and never divorced! And though I am still not divorced, I am a single mom of three beautiful boys and I wouldn't trade that for anything. My sons love their dad and cherish each moment they get to have with him. I cherish every second of my life and live each day as they come.

So, maybe the last decade was all the good and bad that one should endure, maybe its not. But what I do know is its a new decade, a new year, and new possibilities and I'm glad to share the ride with you!

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  1. Wow Girl why don't they give you a show. but at least you know that you have came out stronger for all the things that have happend to you with in the last decade. The most important thing is your Children's Happiness and then yours. A strong women like you wont be single for long and then your SOB husband will be sorry