Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smiling the Day Away!

So many changes are upon me...and I need to smile about them because anything less than happy is not for me! i have spent so much time contemplating what happiness is for me. Is it my kids? Is it my heart? Is it a place? Is it a thing? What oh what is my happiness? And the answer is simple....Happiness is what i make of it! Happiness is smiling the day away no matter the drama! Kill 'em with kindness is the saying and for once I am taking that advice.
In the past week, I have encountered many a different scenarios and feelings! Not too mention MIGRAINES from my stress! And medication can only go so far as to take the physical pain away. Talking to some good friends have helped me in making decisions. Though I haven't taken them all on full steam ahead, the reality of those choices is making head way.
  • I decided to reapply to the one job that made me happy and provided more than enough for my family! Now, I just have to hope they call! I'm praying they call! It would make certain things sooooo much easier! 
  • My five year old is getting ready to start Kindergarten and I need to prepare him for that and myself for that! Its amazing how time flys.
  • Fresh starts! New Beginnings! That's what my smile is going to be about! No more waiting for things to happen. I'm taking the bull by the horns and kicking some serious drama butt! lol!
My life is my own! Only I can make change! I will smile brightly and in the face of all adversity! And I will prevail victorious! This SuperMom will make it!



  1. Great post! Keep up the great attitude! I recently dealt with migraines too, but haven't had one since the beginning of April! Good luck with your little one starting school...keep writing!

  2. Go Girl ...!
    The only person stopping things from happening is you !
    We often don't like change - but change is good - right ?
    Change allows us to grow - so sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone.
    Great post x