Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clean Sweep!

I am on a mission this week! I am doing just like the show on TLC....Keeping what I need, Trashing what is no good, and selling what I don't need! But finding the motivation to get it done, well, that's a whole other ball game! Every night, after the boys go to bed, I struggle deciding if I want to spend countless, sleepless hours sorting through all the garbage.

This week....no more procrastinating! I am going to do it! Out with the old! This week, my son (12) and I are going to take a day to go through his and his brothers things. This should be easy, they have a closet full of things they haven't even looked at since we moved here over two years ago! Then on to the clothes, which I did a couple months ago but some how their draws are full of clothes  they don't wear and their floor and hamper is consumed by the ones they do wear...go figure!

Then, its the storage room. A room that harbors all the stuff I used for my business endeavors, where my main computer resides, and things that I just plain really need to get rid of! I have two other closets after that...and those are just going to be emptied out and most things tossed. I mean how many jackets does one really need!

Who knows what room I will hit after that but somewhere in the process...YARD SALE!!! Hey, the saying is, "One man's garbage, is another man's treasure" and so I will sell, sell, sell!

Look out for the sale post!

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  1. I think the junk in our home breeds....as soon as I get rid of one dump truck load I open another cabinet, drawer or closet and out falls more. AAAHHHH!!!