Monday, July 26, 2010

DVR Madness

I have a collection of shows that I DVR and watch when my kids are asleep. Last night, I sat to watch two of my fave Sunday shows, one being, "Drop Dead Diva" and "My Fair Weddings by David Tutera".

Drop Dead Diva

My Fair Weddings by David Tutera

Both these shows last night, hit an emotional cord in me.

But My Fair Weddings....OMG>>>>Balling!!! This bride was so super appreciative of what David was doing for her and how he incorporated the memory of her father into the wedding...priceless! I was up crying like a baby. I love David Tutera and if I did the marriage thing again, I'd be knocking on his door! He is just simply amazing and not to mention...a hot gay guy!! LOVE HIM!!!

Do you watch shows like this? I mean I have some for just about each day of the week, depending on the time of year!
Here's a List:
  1. Monday - The Secret Life of an American Teenager
  2. Monday - One Tree Hill
  3. Monday - Gossip Girl
  4. Monday - Life Unexpected
  5. Tuesday - Make it or Break It
  6. Tuesday - Pretty Little Liars
  7. Tuesday - 90210
  8. Tuesday - Glee
  9. Wednesday - Hell's Kitchen
  10. Wednesday - Top Chef
  11. Wednesday - America's Next Top Model
  12. Thursday - Grey's Anatomy
  13. Thursday - Private Practice
  14. Thursday - Vampire Diaries
  15. Thursday - Project Runway
  16. Friday - I don't watch tv on Friday Nights LOL
  17. Saturday - Same here, no actual TV shows
  18. Sunday - Drop Dead Diva
  19. Sunday - My Fair Weddings by David Tutera
And on constant DVR, episodes of Law & Order SVU.

What's on your DVR? Do you have shows you must watch?

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