Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My world today....Exhausting! Changing!

OMG...I can't wait for this part to be over already! I have been at this house all day and feel like I haven't even put a dent in it! I am so exhausted but I know I have to push through it! I have a goal and I will do it!

I thought I'd have trouble choosing what stays and what goes but I can happily say...I want it all gone, except the bare necessities!

Ever feel like you need to start again with everything new? Like though you are tired and overally exhausted, you push yourself because you know something great will come of it! Well, that's me today. I've been at this house for 10 hours! WOW! Crazy me! But it will be done with time to spare and on the big day...I will feel relaxed and ready..rather than overwhelmed and crazed!

I finally believe that change is good! And its my turn...

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