Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Giving and Taking

When is giving too much? Do you ever find yourself giving to people and feeling used because there is never a reciprocation? Do you find that people call you when in need, but when you are the one in need everyone's busy or will call you later? Or how bout the person in your life that calls you, texts you and comes to see you because they need something but once it's done, they are no where to be found or pick fights with you for no damn reason! I'm sure, if you are like me, you answered yes to a least one if not all!

In my life I feel like this everyday! Being a mom of three boys is hard enough and then you throw in money, food, extracurricular activities, looking for a better job, finding a suitable caretaker, dealing with "other" situations, and maintaining a HOUSE!! With all that, I still get the, Chris, can you...? Chris, I need... Chris, help me...Mom, I need .... Mom, can I..? Mom, Chris....always always always...never a break! It gets very overwhelming. And it projects onto others and then I end up feeling crappy! Meanwhile, if some of these people who habitually ask for my help, would just help me a little! Yesterday, I had an appointment in the morning, dropped off the boys so I could go. After that one, came home, cleaned the boys room and the kitchen, then showered and headed to my doctor's appointment. After that, picked up my son from school, picked up boys from my grandmothers and headed home to make dinner before needing to head back out to take my son to his basketball practice! Annnnndddddd, I still had to bathe them and put them to bed....all this alone! Thankfully, I called upon a real friend to see if she could bring my son home from practice so I could go home and take care of the other two and prepare them for bed. If that had not happened, it would have been 930 at night when I got home to bathe and settle them all done for the night. That's not even including, what I have left to do after they go to bed! Ok, so, I'm venting  and going off my topic...lol!

So, I 've been feeling used and abused by the people who are supposed to be there for me and love me. I have spent the last week, feeling so down and out and yet it can all be changed by a gesture of help. Yet, that gesture seems to come a little too late most times. I don't know, I know being a single mom is hard work and I know maintaining my sanity is even harder, but would it hurt for someone to get off their high horse and "man" up. I just get soooo tired and sometimes just need a break, even if its just for an hour! Ugh...damnit! Oh well, gotta get back to my reality! Cleaning this house and doing the laundry... a mom's work is never done!

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