Monday, August 2, 2010

The Wonder of Believing in True Love

This weekend was monumental! I got to revisit love and began to believe once again that true love does exist. For a while now, I lost faith and hope that real love was fictional and fantasy that we create as little girls wanting a fairytale. I was asked to bear witness, along with close friends and family, to the beginning of two very important friends' fairytale ending. Happily ever after does exist and they are proof. Its amazing how time and space was something that never phased what was truly real for them...their love! 15 years later, rekindling love lost and realizing that even as children we can find that "one" can exist. They embody all that I want in my life and in love. 

To Jonie and Willie....God has blessed you with one another and now a true symbol of your committment and love for one another in a child! I cried last night in being  honored in sharing these precious moments with you all. With our CK family and all those monumental people who have molded you, it was truly amazing!

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to believe again! YAIN (You're All I Need)...I will take that in my heart with me on my quest for true happiness. 

Besos and congrats again! I can't wait to be a witness at your wedding and to be a Titi to my precious new nephew or niece. Your lives are going to be blessed a million times fold!

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  1. That was very beautiful! I'm glad this is allowing you the chance to believe again. We all must have hope that happiness in a relationship is attainable and can happen. "Happily Ever After" can exist!